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MyHeart Teaches

My Heart Teaches, and this name is indeed appropriate for what we do. We work from the heart to the heart, as altering the heart is the essence of transformation.

We work to ensure that people with disabilities have equal access to high-quality education, teamwork, and lifelong learning and that they are equipped with the skills and values necessary to contribute to the advancement of the world and humanity as active citizens. Because one of the most important goals we pursue is freedom, justice, equality, and citizenship righteousness, respect for opinion and others’ opinions, transparency, responsibility, leadership, and the development of effective partnerships.

Education is simply the soul of a society as it is passed on from generation to generation.

Change is the end result of all real learning.

In an effort to change our society, people with disabilities and their families could get training and education about personal, behavioral, and life skills, as well as how to participate in society.

We work with people with disabilities within the scope of their plans as well as person-to-person, and provide them with hope, happiness, and a passion for life; we then release them into the community, and provide them with work in the community; and we work to alter the public’s perception of them.

My heart has a training center that includes a staff trained and able to deal with people with disabilities

We teach people with disabilities various skills, including:
Life, independence, social, sensory, and cognitive skills.
It also works on their love of life.

My heart has the first nursery for children with Down syndrome in the Middle East, and enjoys working with children through certain programs:
Portage, Pronunciation, Occupational and physical therapy, Behavior modification.

MyHeart Teaches center location:

We have a small center in the village of Abu Nsair, which is the only center in the area

What MyHeart Teaches do?

  • My heart teaches at a center in the village of Abu Nseir that helps people with disabilities (like Down Syndrome) learn how to take care of themselves and get along with others.
  • We work in the field of training for those who care for people with disabilities in numerous nations.

MyHeart Teaches vision:

  • “My Heart Project”: A clear vision and extensive study of a training, rehabilitation, capacity development and treatment center for people with disabilities in Jordan. Read more (PDF).
  • Extending the training work to multiple countries and providing services to them in order
  • To increase the opportunity to work with people with disabilities and encourage the church to work with them through training.

MyHeart Teaches Courses:

  • What is the difference between people with disabilities and people with special needs?
  • How to deal with people with disabilities Who has Down Syndrome and how do you deal with them?
  • Who has autism and how do you deal with them?
  • Who are the people with physical disabilities and how do you deal with them?
  • Who is the blind person and how do I deal with them?
  • Who are the deaf and dumb and how do I deal with them?
  • How do I educate and communicate with people with disabilities?
  • How do I assess people with disabilities?
  • How do I make a plan to walk the path with him in education?

Also many important courses for everyone who works with them.

Numerous people have been trained in Jordan and coordinated with numerous institutions to train their families, and we have collaborated with various individuals via the Internet.

We wish to participate in training. Our skills are superior, and we work with a training company to improve our management abilities.
Here you can register if you wish to train with us. link to receive training date updates as they become available.

Register your information here if you are interested in any of the courses: 

Myheart Teaches Courses

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