The change of heart. The heart of change.

MyHeart Heals

Complete recovery is in the hands of the Lord, but we work through my heart to heal the disabled thru physical therapy by visiting as well as treating them at home.

We also work on medical consultations; we cooperate with many doctors to help in that; we deal with hospitals to treat the disabled at the lowest costs; but we hope to have within the center a department for medical matters, as we believe that God extends his hand to help; and we pray for the relief of pain because they cannot express the pain that people with disabilities feel.

Eventually you will understand that love heals everything, and that love is everything for that all healing is first a healing of the heart.

What MyHeart Heals do?

  • My Heart Heals provides free medical advice.
  • My heart collaborates with a few physicians to conduct a free clinical examination on a patient with a disability.
  • My heart works with the International Caritas Association to assist disabled individuals in their hospitals and clinics.
  • Provides free physical therapy to disability.

MyHeart Heals vision:

  • Expand medical work and establish a mobile physiotherapy clinic.
  • Increasing the network of relationships between doctors to increase the likelihood of assistance
  • Partnership with institutions focused on treatment for vital treatments.

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