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MyHeart Gives

We give them food packages and clothing, as well as wheelchairs and medical devices that we can secure.
We also provide home furnishings if the need arises, and for all of this, we collaborate with local and international organizations.

True love is giving, not receiving.
Because the art of gift giving is giving something that others cannot buy for themselves.

The most important thing we do is present the disabled with gifts of Samaritan pears at a wonderful party, and we make numerous visits to the families of people with disabilities, as well as our own people with disabilities, to offer them moral support.

Therefore, we are concerned with the smallest details of their lives and provide for them as God does for us

What MyHeart Gives do?

  • We go to people’s homes, check on people with disabilities, and giving them humanitarian aid like food packages, blankets, clothes, and wheelchairs. We are also going to Syrian and Iraqi refugees who have been affected by the war.
  • My heart collaborates with local institutions to provide aid through their employees.
  • My heart works in coordination with charities in Jordan to organize parties for people with disabilities and to give the gift (Samaritan pears) to anyone with a disability free of charge.
  • We get money from families who believe in us and our mission, and we help people with disabilities and their families by fixing them up and giving them free clothes.

MyHeart Gives vision:

  • Searching for a unique repository within my heart.
  • Collaborating with local and global institutions to assist all individuals with disabilities (In the event that a container of aid is provided, we will work with international institutions in Jordan to facilitate its entry into Jordan).
  • Acquire BCP to facilitate the task of visits and offer assistance (the package costs $35,000).

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