The change of heart. The heart of change.

Who We are

Founded in 2008, MyHeart for Disabilities is a non-profit organization established in Jordan to provide a voice for the disabled – whether physically or mentally.

MyHeart believes that such people are gifts from God to the wider community and though their uniqueness makes them special and valuable, it can also bring them to a place of loneliness and a feeling that they are being dismissed and shunned from the wider community. It is absolutely imperative for such people to be seen as valuable, for both themselves and the community as a whole.

MyHeart Gives

A tender program by which we have been inspired to give unrequitedly to everyone with a disability as in food packages and clothing.

MyHeart Heals

A medical committee that provides free treatment, care, medicines, or any special treatments to disabled people.

MyHeart Teaches

We seek to bring change to our community by providing education, training, and medical care to disabled people.

We serve people with disabilities through:

• Therapeutic Training (Physical and Occupational Therapy)
• Prosthetics Care
• Procurement & distribution of medical supplies and wheelchairs

• Wellness checks
• Special Social Events
• Awareness campaigns
• Capacity building

How we operate

MyHeart operates on a project-by-project basis and is governed by a board of directors who meet on a monthly basis to discuss the status of MyHeart’s projects and discuss areas of growth. The board advises the senior leadership on outreach, projects, and funding, and approves project proposals and budgets. Each project is led or overseen by a member of MyHeart’s leadership team and funded by private donors. Each member of the board and leadership team offer his/her time and knowledge willingly on a pro-bono basis, in line with the core principle of MyHeart which is to follow God by administering love and support to all Jordanian citizens, Syrian and Iraqi refugees – but particularly those with disabilities – to make them feel welcomed into the broader community. In addition to the board and leadership team, MyHeart has a network of over 253 volunteers to implement its programs and provide consistent support.

Our Vision

To foster a dignified life for individuals with disabilities in Jordan.

Our Mission

To build an environment that enables people with disability to realize their full potential, by providing support and services in the various areas.

Core Values

Our central value is to follow GOD’s example of GRACE, LOVE and SERVICE to “these least of them”. In Jordanian society, disabled people are among the most shunned and the least valued.

  1. Equal Rights – Persons with disabilities should enjoy equal rights and opportunities and be included in mainstream society, with respect and dignity. Through material support, empowerment, knowledge sharing and adapted buildings, we believe these changes can become a reality.
  2. Social and Financial Integrity – We care deeply about our work and our reputation. We do not compromise our ethics, our values, or our professionalism. We take personal responsibility and use good judgment to drive everything we do.
  3. Accountability – We are countable to our donors and partners, and responsible for our actions and their results. As such, we are committed to quality, competence and excellence in the process of executing our decisions.
  4. Love – Love, empathy, patience and understanding create the foundation for everything we do. They make personal joy, happiness and social progress possible.
  5. Commitment – We are committed to foster increased value to disabled individuals, by providing them with the right help, without condescendence.
  6. Partnership – We collaborate with the right stakeholders to co-create and deliver services and programs that address the real challenges facing persons with disabilities, across the country.
  7. Inspiration – We are passionate about creating a sustainable future and take action to make it happen. Through our actions, we inspire others to act and do the same.
  8. Team Work – We make the most of opportunities and overcome challenges by working together as a team. Our strength comes from unity and collaboration, supported by humility and open- mindedness.

As of today, we are humbled by what God has accomplished through us

Children reached with disabilities and their families

Medical and/or rehabilitation sessions

Assistive devices for a variety of medical needs

Food packages delivered to beneficiaries and their families

Events facilitated to date

Home visits conducted

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