The change of heart. The heart of change.

Nearly 1 billion people around the world live with disabilities. Many of these individuals and their families live in poverty, pain, and despair. Together we can change this. We envision a world where every person with a disability finds hope, dignity, and their place in the body of Christ.

Our Vision

To accelerate Christian ministry in the disability community in the middle east and to foster a dignified life for individuals with disabilities in Jordan.

Our Mission

To communicate the Gospel and equip Christ-honoring Churches in middle east to evangelize and disciple people affected by disabilities.

Our Values

Follow GOD’s example of GRACE, LOVE, and SERVICE to “these least of them” and give equal rights, love and inspiration to the disabled people among us.

What We Do

We share God’s hope and provide practical assistance to people with disabilities. We have changed people and societies in Jordan and Syria over the past thirteen years.
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As of today, we are humbled by what God has accomplished through us

Children reached with disabilities and their families

Medical and/or rehabilitation sessions

Assistive devices for a variety of medical needs

Food packages delivered to beneficiaries and their families

Events facilitated to date

Home visits conducted

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